We are NOT a PHYSICAL STORE. Bookings by appointment only. // Delivery: South Africa countrywide: R200, excl. vat. 2-3 working days. All items unbranded. Branding quotes - Merrill at +27 (0)79 520 4489 / admin@thesourceror.co.za
No PHYSICAL STORE. Call 079 520 4489

Which type of branding should I choose?

This is where our experts can assist you. 

It is important to know the fabric / material you are wishing to brand – if it’s fabric, is it cotton, polyester, polycotton, or linen?  If metal, is it aluminium, stainless steel, or chrome?  For banners is it PVC or fabric? 

We have the branding guidelines for each product and graphic designers to assist with the vector artwork if you aren’t able to supply your own.  

We can support you in every way possible with your branding choices.

Process for orders requiring branding:  

Contact the administrator at admin@thesourceror.co.za, or send a WhatsApp message to +27(0)79 520 4489, or an email to admin@thesourceror.co.za, with your order number (if you’ve placed an order on the system), or with the following information of the item/s you want to brand:

  1. Name of item/s
  2. Quantity required
  3. Colour, if applicable
  4. Type of branding required
  5. No. of colours in logo/branding required
  6. If you have the logo / wording/images, attach them to the mail/message
  7. PLEASE NOTE:  All logos/wording/images for branding must be in high-resolution, vector format and converted to curves
  8. If you do not have a graphic designer to assist you with the above, we will allocate a graphic designer to do the changes to vector format.  See price table below for service costs. 

Check out one of  our main suppliers’ videos on various branding techniques – worth a watch!